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Updated: Mar 26

Last fall I shot my first moose! I thought about the whole event a lot and how my life in Alaska the last 20 years led up until that pivotal moment. I also thought of the many women of the north that I have come to know here in Alaska that have lived out their lives at a caliber that is beyond what others can imagine. They’ve scared off bears with their shot gun, flown bush planes, lived on a fishing vessel, floated rivers to arrive at their winter home without thought of how this is truly unusual or common. Life North of 60 is really difficult to explain to someone who has not lived it out day by day, year upon year. The cycle of the burst of summer, rush of hunting and gathering and the solace of winter to awaken to the bright dawning of spring! It’s a beautiful life that we live and we have stories to share! Our stories of voyage and return, rebirth, quest, adventure, escape, love, sacrifice, discovery and maturation can truly be an inspiration to those who come behind us or watch from afar.

And then the dream began... To write a series of fiction books based on the true stories of high caliber women of Alaska, namely those whose path I have crossed at one point or another. Maybe it will be a rags to riches story, or transformed by an epic event, a narrow escape? Self sufficient off the grid or found faith where it's least expected it?

I’m so excited to share these stories that were gifted to me. These stories are woven as fictional novelsl based women who have had an Alaskan Calibration! I’m looking forward to sharing this adventure with you so others can hear how God has intertwined events in our lives to draw us to HIM.


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